US Nursing: Augusta


US nurses will find the quietly sophisticated centre of Augusta in Richmond County and towards the east of the state of Georgia. It is located at the extremity of the navigable of the Savannah River. Augusta is one of two main cities on this river, the over one being Savannah.

The city was named after Augusta, Princess of Wales in the 17th century. She went on to become the mother of the future king of England, George the Third. It has a population approaching 600,000 people and is therefore the third largest city in the state of Georgia. Golfers across the world are acquainted with the city through its hosting of the Masters tournament in early Spring each year. During this period the town tends to shut down because of the heavy traffic and residents tend to take a holiday.

The city’s origins lie in the creation of a second settlement after the founding of Savannah, the principle centre. Nurses will learn that instrumental in the these early days was the initiative of James Oglethorpe who established good relationships with the indigenous indian tribes. Later times the area became growing and manufacturing cotton goods. The surrounding upland areas were particularly well disposed to the growth of this crop.

For nurses enjoying that outdoors, the number of facilities available in the greater Augusta is impressive. There is plenty of choice be it walking, cycling, or playing amateur sports. The city’s location on the Savannah River naturally creates activities for those who love water, notably kayaking, canoeing and SUPing. The lake is perfect for boating or sailing.

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