San Diego


US Nursing: San Diego

San Diego

A nurse will find that San Diego is situated in one of the most livable regions of the country. To the west the nurse will find the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean and eastwards nurses will find the Laguna Mountains and Borrego Desert San Diego, it is a rich mix of Latin American heritage as well as the Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, and Africa.

There is a wide variety of social and cultural opportunities coupled with widespread recreational activities. Nurses will notice that the city has a strong concentration of academic institutions, San Diego has become an important center for advanced research. It also boasts a diverse economic base, with strong manufacturing, tourism, finance, agriculture, construction and military sectors.

In this colourful metropolis, nurses will find a large number of rapidly growing biotechnology, electronics, international trade and service firms, and has more PhDs, more personal computers, and more miles of fiber-optic cable per capita than any other American city.
Tijuana lies to the south and is one of Mexico’s most dynamic cities. The San Diego/Tijuana area is becoming one of the most important economic centers in the Pacific region.

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