Los Angeles


US Nursing: Los Angeles

BackgroundA nurse moving to Los Angeles should be aware that the LA lifestyle is unlike any other ” but don’t be afraid. The LA lifestyle is certainly romanticised though. Nurses should note that people actually do tend to live healthier and more active lifestyles. LA has a huge selection of ever improving lifestyles to choose from.

In terms of food and recreation a nurse will discover that there are many establishments that specialize in healthy foods such as vegetarian cuisine, vegan cuisine, and even macrobiotic cuisine. Similarly there are many physical activities and gyms available for those who want to stay in shape. Nonetheless there are just as many good average people living in L.A. Not everyone is associated with the hyper competitive world of the film industry.

Nurses interested in fashion will become aware that the city has a reputation for being stylish. Nurses will see many beautiful people in LA and naturally one has to dress well too. Los Angeles tends to lead the rest of the United States. It has its own fashion week for example.

Nurses with an aesthetic interest will realize that art is cutting edge in L.A., cores of wonderful artists of the 21st century are based in Los Angeles. The downtown arts district has many galleries with several styles of art. You can find art from up and coming artists, or art from established artists on sale at several galleries. A nurse, new to LA can easily make a day out of visiting the art district.

Travelling in the area will be different if you aren’t used to a large city atmosphere. Many people will walk or ride a bike to avoid driving. Driving can be difficult in the area, but it’s not as bad as many make it out to be.

Nursing is naturally a people business and those in the nursing profession will quickly see that Los Angeles is full of diversity. There are people from all walks of life on any given corner in the city creating an air of openness where all are welcome.
A nurse new to the city should be diligent when deciding where to live. It really pays to do your homework when finding an area within this huge metropolis to settle. Los Angeles is a very competitive environment for good jobs, and there are exciting opportunities in film, tourism, small manufacturing, imports and computers and software.

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