US nursing: Nevada

US nurses living in Nevada will realize that it mostly Most of Nevada lies in the Basin and Range region. Rivers and drainage belong to the Colorado River system in the southeast and to the north water drains into the Snake. Nevada rivers mostly go nowhere, ending instead in desolate alkali sinks-except of course where they have been diverted for irrigation and reclamation, such as by the Humboldt project, the Newlands project, and the Truckee River storage project.


Nurses will see that Nevada’s landscape is primarily alkali sinks and arid stretches with sagebrush and creosote bush. Its mountain chains generally run north and south. On the California border stands the Sierra Nevada [snowy range]. In Nevada, days and nights are generally clear.

Nurses will find that Carson City is capital with Las Vegas the largest city and Reno the second largest. In the state visitors are often attracted to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead where there are facilities for fishing, swimming, and boating. Such locations include: Lake Tahoe, Death Valley National Park, both on the California line; Lehman Caves National Monument the Great Basin National Park; and restored mining ghost towns like Virginia City.

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