US Nursing: Idaho

UnknownNurses will read that the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 included the Idaho territory.

By 1843 the Oregon Trail had begun however most travelers bypassed Idaho for milder climates in Oregon – trend would soon change as French Canadians discovered gold on the Pend Oreille River in 1852.

Historically minded nurses will read that Miners, ranchers, and farmers found a state rich with natural resources. 1864 saw the capital move to Boise.

US nurses will research that at the turn of the century, commerce grew significantly as the Milner Dam brought valuable irrigation water south of the Snake River near Twin Falls and the largest sawmill in the country opened at Potlatch.

US nurses will appreciate that Idaho’s population grew to over 667,000 by 1960. A National Reactor Testing Station was established in the desert west of Idaho Falls in 1949 and by 1951 it was the first place to use nuclear fission to generate electricity. Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1 would later be designated a national landmark and still stands today between Arco and Idaho Falls.

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