US nursing: Florida

The history of Florida is important and powerful. Here are some important elements to know.

Firstly, it was a Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de Leon who discovered for the first time Florida on Easter day in 1513. However, the European presence in Florida was not really established at that time because it took a few more years for that. In fact, it’s in 1565 that the European presence in the region is officially recognized.

However, in 1763, when the Seven Years’ War was over, the Spanish yielded Florida to the English, but very quickly Spain took possession of the area through the town of Saint Charles de Penzacola in 1781. The Spanish will keep possession from the territory of Florida until 1819 when they were forced to return the territory of Florida to the United States.

It was only in 1845 that the United States agreed to integrate Florida as the 27th state. Later Florida will start its economic growth but also demographic and many Cubans will immigrate to Florida to flee the Cuban war.

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