US Nursing: Bahrain

Nurses will read that by the third century BC, Bahrain was already an important trade centre. Until the 4th century A.D, the islands were ruled by the Persians and subsequently by Arabs until 1541, when the islands were invaded by the Portuguese. Persia was then reclaimed in 1602 by the Persians.

1783 saw Ahmad ibn al-Khalifah assume control, and the al-Khalifahs remain the ruling family today. Bahrain became a British protectorate in 1820 and did not gain full independence until 1971.

Nurses reading modern history, will be aware that oil was discovered in Bahrain in the thirties, however it was relatively little compared to other Gulf states, and the wells are expected to be the first in the region to run dry. The objective of Sheik Isa ibn Sulman al-Khalifah, who became emir in 1961, was to diversify the country’s economy. One of his many successes in this regard is that he established Bahrain as a major financial center. The country provides its people with free medical care, education, and old-age pensions.

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