Main Urban Centres

US Nursing: Hartford


US Nurses will see that Hartford is the third largest urban centre in Connecticut. Also, being founded in the mid 16th centry it is one of the oldest cities in the USA.
The city has humble origins with the early days seeing a thriving trading post Connecticut River. These days the city enjoys the reputation of the insurance capital of the world.
Nurses will find with a number of attractions, most notably anarts and entertainment centre, well structured riverfront and expanses of well tended parks and public gardens. The oldest public art museum in the USA is the The Wadsworth Atheneum which proudly displays Pilgrim-Century furniture and the Amistad collection. The Summer months allow one to marvel at the Elizabeth Park rose gardens in full bloom. Autumn sees the foliage change markedly and extremely characteristic of the rest of the state. Rich hues of brown leaf colours shroud the city. Some months later the springtime reveals picturesquel gardens and blossoming trees.

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