of New Zealand

New Zealands geography

New Zealand, geographically spectacular and lying just over two hours flight from the Eastern shores of South East Australia. This two island country has often proved a poplar destination for our international nurses, suurgeons and doctors. It essentially consists two main of islands and a fair number of smaller outlying islands that range from the tropical climates to the cold inhospitable Antarctic. There are two main islands: North Island and the South Island. They separated by Cook Strait. On the North Island a nurse will find hot springs and beautiful geysers. On the South Island the main geographical feature is the mountain ange known as the Southern Alps with Mount Cook at 3754 metres the highest point.

The country of New Zealand stretches across many geographic latitudes. And reflected in differing climates, ocean currents geology and geography. In turn this directs the flora, fauna and of the course the animal life.

In terms of the weather the southern island is relatively cold and wet. Further north however the island is warmer but with considerable drizzly rain.

The high mountains on the to the west of south island when the East Coast is enjoying some fine and sunny weather there is a good chance that on the West Coast they will be receiving a good amount of rain! For nurses or doctors enjoying wide expanses of golden sands these can be found on North Island. Nurses and doctors with a fondness for the skiing on the unspoilt pistes then these can be found on South Island.

In terms of urban conurbations then the main centres are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, here nurses will find well organized small friendly cities, Driving around is a pleasure. Certainly the country does not have the sophisticated road and rail infrastructure found in many other first world countries, but nurse will find that driving from A to B all the more enjoyable.

Doctors and nurses will essentially find that the difference in New Zealand is the quiet life and the wide open countryside. Without they will find it great for kids.

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