Fingerprint Process


The fingerprint process

This is a two stage process that begins by filling in all your relevant personal information. You then obtain your fingerprint card from the Texas nursing board or at your police station. When completed send it to Morpho Trust


  1. Pre-enroll with MorphoTrust USA to submit fingerprint cards.
    • Internet based pre-enrollment is the quickest and most convenient way to submit fingerprint cards.
  1. Begin the process now by simply clicking on this link:
  1. Click “Submit A Fingerprint Mail by Mail”;
  1. Fill in all relevant fields;
  1. Complete payment screen;
  1. Once you have obtained your fingerprint cards from the Texas Board of Nursing, follow mail-in directions on the confirmation document.
  2. Alternatively, the fingerprint cards used by the local police will suffice if obtaining them from Texas is difficult

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