US Nursing: Saudi

A nurse may find it difficult to imagine that the Arabian Peninsula was an agricultural society that depended on farming and commerce ” especially date exports and trade generated by pilgrims coming to Makkah and Madinah. It did not have the infrastructure needed to support the kind of economic growth envisioned by its founder, King Abdulaziz Saud.

Medical professionals will read that after World War II, oil exports provided the funds to build a basic infrastructure of roads, airports, seaports, schools and hospitals.
Over the past 40 years the infrastructure was expanded dramatically, allowing industry and commerce to flourish.

Some Adevia nurses work for the immense national oil company, Aramco, which has invested heavily in new production facilities, pipelines, plants and shipping facilities and continued exploring for new deposits to maximize earnings from the oil sector.
A nurse can look around and see that the result has been a steady economic transformation of the country. Today, Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing countries in the world.

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