US Nursing: Oregon

Nurses in the USA will read that over the past twenty years the state evolved from a resource based economy to a more mixed manufacturing and marketing economy. Nurses will also hear that the emphasis has been on high tech. Oregon’s endure a difficult economy 30 years ago and it precipitated changes had in the traditional resource sectors ” timber, fishing and agriculture. Accordingly the state implemented a strategy to develop new economic sectors to replace older ones. Without doubt this sponsored the growth of the high-tech sector and was centered in the three counties around Portland.

Oregon Economy

US nurses will find that the states economy emulated that of the USA. Indeed Oregon’s expansion from 2004 through 2007 was noursished by growth in construction and services. The recession adversely affected construction’s job gains and devastated the economy to the extent that employment in 2010 was at roughly the same level as ten years previously. Employment improvement since the end of the recession has been lethargic and the the private sector has carried the recovery so far This has including growth in private educational and health services, professional and business services, and retail trade. Without doubt Government job cuts and the lack of recovery in construction and financial activities are contributing to the state’s slow job growth.

US nurses will see that the state is trade dependent with other states in the nation and, to some extent, economic activity in other countries helps drive the state’s economy. Oregon’s largest trading partners are China, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. Of course, Oregon’s trade with other U.S. states dwarfs that of trade with foreign nations.

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