New Mexico


US Nursing: New Mexico

EconomyUS nurses will appreciate that water is scarce in New Mexico and most croplands must be irrigated. As such the leading crop is hay used to feed cattle.

Another popular agricultural pursuit is greenhouse and nursery products. Both are good revenue generators. Also grown are chili peppers and onions together with cotton, grain sorghum and wheat.

Nurses will read that within the agricultural industry cattle, sheep and hogs are also bred and contribute up to 40% of revenues.

US nurses will read that petroleum and natural gas account for over 80% of the value in mining with coal also important.

Potash, copper, molybdenum, uranium are also mined. Gold and silver are produced as by-products of copper processing activities. Finally New Mexico is a leading state in the production of molybdenum

Featuring importantly in the New Mexico economy is the community, business and personal services group. Here, those in the nursing profession will find private health care, motels and ski resorts, engineering companies, private research laboratories and repair shops. Also tourism earns billions of dollars for the economy annually.

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