US nursing: Nevada

US nurses will find that the higher flat areas are primarily used for grazing. Sheep and Cattle are important farming sectors. Nonetheless, because it is so dry agriculture is not well developed. However it is used mainly to growing hay and other feed for cattle. Occasionally, potatoes, onions, and some other crops are also cultivated.

Nurses will read that copper mining is now less prevalent than some years ago. Nurses should note that Nevada is the nation’s leading producer of gold, silver, and mercury. Petroleum, and other minerals are also mined. The state’s manufactures include gaming machines and products, aerospace equipment, lawn and garden irrigation devices, and seismic monitoring equipment. Warehousing and trucking are also well developed in Nevada.

CasinoNurses find that dominating the state’s economy is tourism and especially the gambling Nurses will see that this industry is centered in Las Vegas and, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Gambling taxes are a primary source of state revenue. The tourist service sector employs over half of Nevada’s workers.. Much of Nevada (almost 80% of whose land is federally owned) is given over to military and related use. Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test Site have been the scene of much nuclear and aircraft testing.

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