US Nursing: Macon

aeronautic Nurses will become aware that manufacturing, aeronautics, medical and tourism are the leading employers in Macon. Surrounding areas thrive on agriculture and Macon’s State Farmers Market offers the best peaches, peanuts, pecans and vegetables in Middle Georgia. The economic outlook for 2017 forwards is resolutely optimistic.

Amongst the reasons for this positive outlook is that Georgia has a large number of major projects in the development pipeline, and the state’s economy will benefit to a greater extent than the rest of the country from the performance of the housing sector.

Also the continued low oil and gas prices will serve Georgia’s economy more than the greater US economy. As such Georgia is expected to outperform the nation as a whole.

In the heavy industry sector some years ago there were a number of relocation and expansion projects that have taken root, these will continue to benefit the state’s economy. Examples include Geico’s expanding presence and the new Kumho Tire plant, these two significant facilities are in Macon.

Together with this, the state hosts a number of major assembly plants and suppliers. All benefitting from the several interstate highways which give ready access access to rail and ports.
Home building and real estate development have always been important to the state’s economy.

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