US Nursing: Louisiana

images-1 Nurses will find that the main elements of the Louisiana economy are: the production of minerals, particularly oil and natural gas, but also sulphur, lime, salt and lignite; petroleum refining; chemical and petrochemical manufacturing; tourism; forestry; pulp, plywood and papermaking; agriculture and food processing; commercial fishing; shipping and international trade; shipbuilding, and general manufacturing.
US nurses will read that the state ranks second in the nation in the primary production of petrochemicals. More than 100 major chemical plants are located in the state producing chemicals, fertilizers and plastics, plus the feedstocks for a wide array of other products. Four of the ten busiest U.S. ports-New Orleans, South Louisiana, Baton Rouge and Plaquemines are on the lower Mississippi River.
The state’s diverse climate embraces subtropical in the south with the north being more temperate in the and productive alluvial soil make Louisiana one of the country’s leading producers of sweet potatoes and sugarcane. Louisiana leads as a fur-trapping state and its marshes produce most of the country’s muskrat furs. Mink, nutria, coypus, opossums, otter, and raccoon supply pelts.

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