US Nursing: Georgia

Economy, Trade and Service

A nurse living in Georgia, USA will learn that the main source of jobs resides in the trade and service sectors. Nonetheless manufacturing and agriculture figure importantly in the state’s economy. One should add that several government federal facilities contribute to the economy in a significant way. Examples include the Kings Bay naval base and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention near Atlanta.

Declining in importance is the manufacture of cotton and yet in the 1990s it featured in the state economy alongside peanuts, tobacco, and corn. This sprawling state’s south west sector is easily the nation’s largest producer of peanuts. The central and southern sections of the state see tobacco as the principal crop.

Georgia’s land is heavily forested with pine making it a major producer of lumber and pulpwood. In parallel the manufacture of textiles and textile products has long been Georgia’s leading industry. It is entering mainly around Columbus, Augusta, Macon, and Rome.

This south eastern state enjoys a moderate winter climate and exudes a Southern charm and beauty. Understandably the state is a popular vacation area. Other attractions include Okefenokee Swamp, a large wilderness area; Chattahoochee and Oconee national forests, with facilities for hunting and fishing.


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