US Nursing: Colorado

Nurses will know that the 1880s saw Colorado was the nation’s leading silver producer and an important source of gold. The state has abundant reserves of coal, natural gas, and other mineral. Latterly the economic potential of its vast oil-shale deposits has been discovered. Colorado is a major mining state, however the nurses should appreciate that this industry’s share of the state economy has declined throughout the last century. Agriculture, primarily livestock, retains an importance.

Nurses will find that important to the state is agriculture, especially the raising of cattle and sheep and production of dairy goods. Crops include wheat, hay, corn, and sugar beets. Food processing is a major industry and others include the manufacture of computer equipment, aerospace products, transportation equipment, and electrical equipment; printing and publishing; and the production of fabricated metals, chemicals, and lumber.

1Resident nurses can take advantage of the state’s climate, scenery, historical sites, these extensive recreational facilities bring millions of visitors annually. Numerous resorts in towns such as Vail and Aspen attract visitors year-round as well as during ski season. Besides fine hunting, fishing, and skiing there are many special events held in the state, including arts festivals, rodeos, and fairs.

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