Abu Dhabi


US Nursing: Abu Dhabi

Nurses will read about the Nine Pillars that will form the architecture of the Emirate’s social, political and economic future:

  • A large empowered private sector
  • A sustainable knowledge-based economy
  • An optimal, transparent regulatory environment
  • A continuation of strong and diverse international relationships
  • The optimisation of the Emirate’s resources
  • Premium education, healthcare and infrastructure assets
  • Complete international and domestic security
  • Maintaining Abu Dhabi’s values, culture and heritage

A significant and ongoing contribution to the federation of the UAE
The Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda has a heavy emphasis on the economy and on ensuring the economic wellbeing of all of Abu Dhabi’s citizens and residents. This Agenda came in response to a number of opportunities and challenges facing Abu Dhabi.
Doctors and nurses will see that The Emirate’s drive for a more sustainable and diversified economy is intended to reduce the relatively high dependence on oil and the cyclical swings which accompany it. Moreover, the young National population presents the opportunity, as well as the challenge, to create attractive, high value-added employment opportunities for the emerging generation. The drive for diversification as well as the challenge of a burgeoning population delivers a greater need for Abu Dhabi to upgrade the quality of its education system, and to increase the educational attainment rates of Nationals and the overall workforce to move the economy up the value chain. Moreover, a better educated workforce, no doubt including doctors and nurses will be a key enabler to address the relatively low productivity rates found in much of the Emirate’s enterprise base.

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