Basic Queries

Qualifications for Nursing in the USA

Registered nurse with degree or diploma from a three year course

Minimum hospital experience: One Year

Fluency in the English language

References available when required

Employed in an acute care hospital setting

Must I sign an Agreement with a sponsor?

Your sponsor is your employer and either your hospital or the agency which works for the hospital. Your sponsor is responsible for your immigration processing and right up to you receiving your green card.


What is it?

The objective of the National Council Licensure Examination is to test the ability to practice of an entry-level nurse. The NCLEX-RN® takes into account what was learned at school and focusses upon its application and analysis. This test seeks to check the critical thinking skills used in making nursing judgments.

Does the NCLEX expire?

No it does not

Where can I sit the exam?

There are many test centres around the world. Note that the majority of international nurses sit the exam in a different country

What is CGFNS?

An internationally recognised authority based in Pennsylvania. It is tasked with credential evaluation together with verifying a nurse’s licensure, registration and education

Nursing Licences

What is the US nursing licence?

All nurses need to be registered with a US nursing board, often referred to as a BoN (Board of Nursing). This registration is essential to facilitate your passage through the NCLEX, its CGFNS elements and up to sitting the exam

What is jurisprudence?

A test on the Texas rules and state laws. Sometimes referred to as the JP exam and mandatory when registering with the Texas Board of Nursing.

Can I get a Nursing Licence from any US state?

Yes, although Adevia has a preference for Texas, Michigan and New York. These states also do not insist that an overseas nurse has a Social Security Number (SSN).

Must I then work in the state I have registered with?

Your license is transferable to the state where you will work


What Visa do I get

All Adevia nurses qualify for the EB3 visa, commonly known as the green card.

What are the costs of the visa

Virtually all the costs are covered for the nurse’s immigration. In certain cases the nurse will shoulder the cost of the visascreen and medical charges

Can my family accompany me and legally settle in the US?

Certainly, family members are seen by the US Immigration Service as your ‘dependents’. Children must be unmarried and under the age of 21.

How long does the immigration process take?

Around nine to fifteen months

Life in America

Should I be anxious about nursing in America

Your new employer will provide support and usually a mentor for the first two months of your job. It is important that you feel confident and relaxed with new hospitals systems and the US culture in general. All new nurses will get the maximum support in this regard

Does all the family have to arrive in the USA at the same time

This depends upon the family’s circumstances and what suits the family members. Sometimes the nurse arrives first and then the family arrives a couple of months later

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