Coliseum Hospital

US Nursing: Macon

Coliseum Hospital

The Macon and central Georgia communities’ healthcare needs are addressed by the Coliseum Health System. This overarching organization houses two well equipped and staffed medical surgical facilities namely the Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital. This is a two-hospital system located in Macon and has cared for the local population for over forty years.

The staff and physicians are trained in the most advanced health care available and specialize in areas from cardiology to birthing services to emergency care, surgery, and psychiatric care. All medical specialties are represented on our medical staffs from family practice to orthopedics to pediatrics to neurosurgery.

Scattered throughout the center’s infrastructure are:

  • Coliseum Cancer Institute
  • Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health
  • Coliseum Diabetes Management Center
  • Coliseum Heart institute
  • Coliseum Rehabilitation Center
  • Coliseum Same Day Surgery Center
  • Coliseum Wound Healing Center
  • Family Ties Birthing Center
  • Coliseum Orthopedic and Spine Institute

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