Working in Chicago

US Nursing: Chicago

Nurses in Chicago will see big city flair with a small town feel and excellent job opportunities. Foreign residents will find Chicago’s industries are incredibly diverse.

Chicago is a leader in manufacturing with more than 400,000 workers in this sector. The InfoTech branch is booming, with people employed in communications, computer systems design, technical consulting services, and other such information industries.

Nurses should be aware that the health industry in Chicago is powered by more than 20 teaching hospitals.
Due to its location within the US, Chicago is one of the major crossroads of the nation’s global trade. Therefore, those working in Chicago are at the heart of one of the most competitive and lucrative transportation system in the Americas.
Chicago is one of the cornerstones of one of the largest economies on the globe.

Although Chicago has dropped a bit in the Global Financial Centres Index in recent years, the city continues to be of national and international importance. The city’s key industries are business and financial services, manufacturing, biotech, health services, and transportation and distribution.

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