NCLEX center


Pearson Professional Centers-Mexico
Atlacomulco 500, Industrial Atoto, Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico
Phone: +55 5359 8106

How to get there:

The Pearson Professional Center is located on 4th floor. You can go by car or by public transport and you will find all the information in this website.

Take the underground (blue line) and stop in the nearest station Cuatro Caminos. You have to take a bus after because it’s still too far. It’s 31 minutes walk if you want to do it you will see in the previous picture the route to go on foot. But if you want to go by bus you have to stop next to Roberts store (more information in the previous website), then follow the path shown in the next picture.














If you are coming from Mexico City International Airport you also have to join Cuatro Caminos station in the blue line and after join the Pearson Professional Center on foot. For this, you will see in the next picture which public transport you need to take.











Where to go for a break:

Just behind the corner with San Andres Atoto, there is a coffee-restaurant called Broadway Lunch & Deli Atoto, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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