American Football

US nurses will quickly recognize that the Americans, particularly young males, are dominated by, the romance, excitement, and convoluted strategy of team sports. Nurses will see that they are dominated by the surreal world of American football.

We’ve divided our introduction into two: the second will follow in a few weeks:

The NFL divides itself into two: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFL). The divisions are known ‘conferences’ they are then subdivided geographically:

Team Personnel: Divided int two:

Offensive:  comprises of:

  1. The Offensive Line
  2. Two and sometimes four Receivers
  3. One or two Tight Ends
  4. One or two Running Backs
  5. The Quarterback

Defensive: populated by:

  1. The Defensive Line
  2. Linebackers
  3. Cornerbacks and Safeties