Nursing in America – Telehealth in the USA

Sponsored nurses in the USA from Adevia are of course engaged on a two or three contract. However, some nurses desire to work extra hours, and occasionally the telehealth area provides this opportunity.

The following gives an es an international nurse a brief outline of this healthcare sector and especially focusses on eHealth at a patient level.

This growing sector’s foundations heads back to the 70’s and are embraced under the heading Telemedicine and simplistically considered delivering health services telephonically to patients regardless of their geographic location. The ensuing years have seen a dramatic widening of this brief and a large number of areas grouped under either Clinical or Medical and targeted more on Community Health. Understandably this growth is nourished by the exponential growth of global communications

Accordingly, the number, variety, and indeed overall scope of eHealth. Nurses will see that its current manifestation falls under four headings:

  1. Preventative and Therapeutic Effects
  2. Health Service Utilisation
  3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  4. Disease Management

In conclusion, the aim of eHealth, telehealth, and telemedicine is to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of healthcare by a variety of electronic means. All four terms play a key role in improving patient self-management via electronic processes with each term playing its own unique role. Although the terms can be used interchangeably, eHealth and telehealth are broader more encompassing healthcare terms. 

Opportunities for international nurses in this area are principally found in specialized health call centers. Salaries are between $80 to $138,000 per hour dependent on the state.