US Advances in Medicine

Nurses in the USA will become increasingly aware of a gentle but insistent wave of developments in robotic surgery. Under the benevolent arch of superfast fiber broadband surgeons based in one state will conduct operations an another. Effectively the rigorous, exacting nature of elements of surgical procedures will be conducted autonomously by a surgeon – but through a robot.

In itself, operating room nurses will recognize that this is a significant development. Allowing many nurses to benefit from the skills of a perhaps uniquely qualified and experienced specialist. Predictably this raises the question of robots replacing surgeons. We do not think that there is much risk of this in the medium term but it               is already clear that robotics can certainly expand the role of the surgeon into specialty areas previously thought impossible.


           Aspects of surgical procedures, especially repetitive ones being conducted remotely, may be delegated to Artificial                                 Intelligence. Tantalizingly the door then opens to robots with the capacity to learn independently and single headedly process             complicated information. This science-fiction inspired area is fascinating however current research reveals that less than half             an percent of surgical procedures are able to be delegated to AI.