Nurse in New Zealand: Canterbury

Nurses will learn that this region is traditionally bounded in the north by the Conway River and to the west by the Southern Alps. The southern boundary is the Waitaki River.

Canterbury, New Zealand’s largest region and accordingly doctors and nurses will recognize a greater investment in healthcare resources, is commonly divided into North Canterbury (north of the Rakaia River to the Conway River), Mid Canterbury (from the Rakaia River to the Rangitata River), South Canterbury (south of the Rangitata River to the Waitaki River) and Christchurch City. Timaru is considered a separate region for a number of reasons
Canterbury region has a population of 558,800 and is the largest region in the South Island and the second largest region in New Zealand by population.

A mountain range called the Southern Alps extends along much of the length of New Zealand’s South Island, reaching its greatest elevations near the island’s western side. The name usually refers to the entire range, although separate names are given to many of the smaller ranges that form part of it.

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