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US Nursing: California

San Diego Small ImageNurses working in “Cali’ revel in this, the eighth largest economy in the world. Hollywood glamour extends well beyond the borders of Los Angeles pervading California with celebrities, iconic landscapes, and trendy metropolitan excitement. This state has it all: beaches of southern California, the gentle grace of San Francisco and northwards into the extensive forests and dramatic Pacific coastline.

Nurses living in California will see a rich culture with style and sophistication. The state has its own genre of cuisine, the nation’s top wine region, and a very long list of cool, relaxed beaches and hideaways.
If a nurse is based in such entertaining cities as Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco, it’s then easy to reach wild state parks, the coast, or small country towns in just an hour. Nurses will appreciate that It’s this mix of nature and culture that really electrifies the appeal in California. Some of its trendiest towns are quiet, friendly places where wineries grow grapes, brewers craft beer, and dairy farmers churn out gourmet cheeses.

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