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US Nursing: Bridgeport

Nurses will find that Bridgeport is the largest and probably most attractive city in Connecticut.
This coastal city is imbued with a feeling of calm and intelligent domesticity. Residents are often seen people walking their dogs, jogging Crime is also almost non-existent.
Eating out is a popular pastime. There are many different places to dine and restaurants embrace everything from fine dining to a Mexican buffet. Bridgeport evidences many different and one can easily indulge in Mexican, French, Spanish cuisine etc.
Uncharacteristic of the rest of the USA transport is well organized and plentiful. There is a popular train station downtown. New York is a short distance way and Bridgeport has a slight “satellite commuter’ status. This urban area is also well served by an extensive network of bus routes.
The proximity of the beach is a big positive Arguably the The best part near the beach. is the name of Bridgeport’s beach is called Seaside park and offers good swimming alternatively there is Fairfield beach and subsequently there are numerous coastal areas of southern Connecticut.
The public school system in the city numbers 31 elementary schools and three high schools (Bassick High School, Central High School and Warren Harding High School). Over 23,000 students are enrolled in the system. Higher education considers University of Bridgeport, Housatonic Community College, St. Vincent’s College and the Yeshiva Gedola.

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