US Nursing: Boston

Nurses will find that the capital of Massachusetts, Boston, is an extensive, well run city which lies in the north east, in the New England. It is a popular destination for business and tourism Also a nurse will discover it is an educational hub Boston as the world rekowned Harvard University is there.

This city has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Also, this pleasant and characterful city finds both children and adults can happy. There are many activities and for those who support team sports they will find Boston is particularly rich and hosts leading squads of baseball, basketball, American football and ice hockey.

Nurses will discover that the city’s inhabitants take particular pride in the Boston Marathon. A world-famous event with a long standing traditional.

Separately for nurses and their families wanting to discover the region, Boston’s surroundings are graced by many captivating landscapes, the New-England nature is particularly appreciated. Within the city night life embraces Faneuil Dusk, a quiet and pleasant area with a rich assortment of restaurants and bars and an area slightly replicated on Beacon Hill.

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