Main Urban Centres

Baton Rouge

US Nursing: Louisiana

Nurses living in this, the capital of Louisiana will find that Baton Rouge is the political hub in terms if its ongoing administration. After New Orleans it is comfortably the second-largest city in the state.
The city is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical and motion picture area. Alongside these industries it is certainly the fastest growing technology center of the American South. The surprisingly succesful Port of Greater Baton Rouge is the tenth largest in the United States in terms of shipped tonnage. This far up the Mississippi River the port is more than capable of handling Panamax ships which have a dead weight of over 52000 tonnes.
Nurses will read that recent years have seen a revival of Baton Rouge urban living in the downtown area. Specifically the growth has been in both residential living and commercial property. Additionally there is Southern culture, delicious Cajun cuisine, and excellent opportunities for higher education. Such city characteristics of course contribute to a good quality of life

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